Bigard Memorial Seminary Enugu joins the universal Church, in the celebration of the feast of Christ the King.  Christ the King, is a feast celebrated annually to proclaim the sovereignty and supremacy of Christ as king and Lord over all creations. This feast equally marks the end of the Catholic liturgical calendar of the year, and ushers us into a new year in the life of the Church Year B , which begins with the first Sunday of Advent.

The celebration of the day began with the Holy Mass, with the rector of the seminary Rev. Fr. Dr. Albert Ikpenwa as the Principal celebrant, associated by a hand full of other priests and formators as concelebrants.

The Eucharistic celebration in its traditional way was divided into three parts; the Holy mass proper, the Corpus Christi procession, and the concluding part which is the benediction. This solemn and systematic celebration reaffirms the uniqueness, orderliness, and universality of the Catholic Church.

In his fifteen minutes power-packed and precise homily, which in a subtle way began with the question; “who is in charge of the world,”? the rector and homilist gave a wonderful and eloquent explanation of the celebration of the day and its meaning and significance in the life of the Christian and the Church. He assured us that despite the many claims of different sects such as the Illuminati and other groups including the government to be the rulers, leaders and owners of the world today, they all remain false and a conspiracy.  We have for the world only one true and just ruler; the King of all Kings.  He affirms this in his reference to the book of Psalm 2.

               He entreated us to be good Christians and children of God, and not to live an autocratic life at the detriment of others, having in mind our duties as Catholics; which implies requesting the will of God in everything, helping the sick and poor and seeing in them Christ who is our king. Finally, he encouraged the congregation to always have and serve in our daily activities the king of all kings .

At the end of the Mass, the faithful processed in Bigard, round the school premises, with songs and shouts of joy, accompanied by musical instruments as they all proclaimed Christ the king of kings, and the Lord of the universe, and most especially as the Lords of their souls.

The celebration of the day came to a close with the benediction, and a vote of thanks by the chief liturgist Rev. Msgr. Donatus Ogudo.