Bigard Logo

Bigard Memorial Seminary officially opened in 1924 used to be known as St. Paul’s Seminary, Onitsha, until the seminary was officially renamed to Bigard Memorial Seminary Enugu, on 4th March, 1951, following the directives of the Congregation for the propagation of Seminary and Religious Institutions. This new name came as a way of perpetuating the memory of two French ladies; mother and daughter, Stephanie Bigard and Jeanne Bigard, who gave the huge donations that saw to the erection of some structures in the Seminary, through the Opus Sancti Petri Apostoli.

The logo as we have it today according to testimonies is as old as Bigard. This is so, because it has always been the logo from the time the school was still known as St. Paul’s Seminary. In fact, Torch Magazine, one of Bigard’s publications, which had her first edition in 1954 bears the same Bigard logo.

MEANING OF THE LOGO                                     

– The seminary which was originally called St. Paul’s Seminary was instituted with the sole intension that her produce go into the world to fulfill the missionary mandate of St. Paul.

– The circle in the logo thus, represents the world, the cross and the scarf emblazoned in it are the symbol of the resurrection.

– The candle is a signification that the products of the school should be the light bearers of the world.

– The sketch of the map of Nigeria seen in it tells of its location

– The motto “eritis mihi testis” is an inspiration drawn from Jesus’ promise of the Holy Spirit to his Apostles in Acts 1:8, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you, and you shall be witnesses