COLLEGE OF FORMATORS

1. Very Rev. Fr. Dr. Albert Ikpenwa Rector
2. Rev. Fr. Dr. Kevin Udenwagu Vice Rector I
3. Rev. Fr. Dr. Kingsley Anagolu Vice Rector II
4. Rev. Fr. Dr. Ohajuobodo I. Oko On Sabbatical
5. Rev. Fr. Dr. Clement Obasi H.O.D of Theology
6. Rev. Fr. Dr. Humphrey Anih H.O.D of Philosophy
7. Rev. Fr. Thaddeus Asogwa Assistant H.O.D of Philosophy
8. Rev. Fr. Anthony Okoye Administrative Dean I
9. Rev. Fr. Kevin Asogwa Administrative Dean II
10. Rev. Fr. Sebastian Nwude Financial Administrator
11. Rev. Fr. Dr. Aloysius Registrar
12. Rev. Msgr. Dr. Anthony Eze Spiritual Director
13. Rev. Fr. Dr. Raphael Egwu Spiritual Director
14. Rev. Fr. Hyginus Mba Spiritual Director
15. Rev. Fr. John Bosco Okoye Spiritual Director
16. Rev. Msgr. Dr. Donatus Ogudo Liturgist
17. Rev. Fr. Dr. Basil Okeke Assistant Liturgist
18. Rev. Fr. Dr. Kevin Udenwagu Games Moderator
19. Rev. Fr. Dr. Blaise Emebo On Sabbatical
20. Rev. Fr. Dr. Cletus Umezinwa Music Director
21. Rev. Fr. Dr. Aloysius Obiwulu Library Director
22. Rev. Fr. Dr. Clement Obasi Director, Mission Society

                              ACADEMIC STAFF

1 Very Rev. Fr. Dr. Albert Ikpenwa Awgu 24/08/1996 B. Phil., (Rome)
B. Th., (Rome)
M. A and Ph.D in  (Rome)
Moral Theology 2011
2 Rev. Fr. Dr. Francis Igboanugo Onitsha 6/9/86 B. Phil., (Rome)
B. Th., (Rome) Licentiate & Ph.D  Biblicum, (Rome)
Introduction to Scripture, O.T Theo, O.T & N.T Exegesis, Biblical Hebrew. 2011
3 Rev. Fr. Dr. Ossai
Nsukka 1981 B. Phil., (Rome)
B. Th., (Rome) Licentiate & Ph.D in Phil., (Louvain)
Intro. To Logic, & Recent Modern Phil. 2007
4 Rev. Fr. Dr. Cletus Umezinwa Awka 13/8/88 B. Phil., (Rome)
B. Th., (Rome) Licentiate & Ph.D in Phil., (Louvain)
Later Part of Greek Phil; Argument & Critical Thinking; Political Thinking; African Traditional Religion &Analytic Philosophy 2001
5 Rev. Msgr. Dr. Donatus Ogudo Nsukka 13/4/75 B. Phil., (Rome)
B. Th., (Rome) & STD (Rome)
Liturgy 2006
6 Rev. Fr. Dr. Clement Obasi Awgu 6/8/88 B. Phil., (Rome);
B. Th., (Rome);
Latin Dip.(Rome) Matrimonial Proc., (Rome); MCL & DCL (Rome)
Canon Law, Latin & Practical Canon Law 1995
7 Rev. Fr. Dr. Blaise Emebo Awka 30/7/88 B. Phil., (Rome)
B. Th., (Rome)
Ph. D in Theology
Ecclesiology &  Dogmatic Theology. 2005
8 Rev. Fr. Dr.  Sylvanus Ifeanyi Nnoruka Onitsha 1982 B. Phil., (Rome)
B. Th., (Rome)
Licentiate & Ph.D in Phil., (Louvain)
African Phil; Phil & African Predicament; Issues in African Predicament 2007
9 Rev. Fr. Dr. Kelvin Udenwagu Enugu  2005 B.Phil., (Rome)

B.Th., (Rome)

STL. Phil., (Rome)

Ph.D in Philosophy (Rome)

Ancient Philosophy, Philosophy of Education, and Philosophy of Value  2017
10 Rev. Fr. JohnBosco Okoye Onitsha 1992 B. Phil., (Rome)
B. Th., (Rome)
Spiritual Theology 2015
11 Rev. Fr. Vitalis Ukwuaba Nsukka 2008 B. Phil., (Rome)
B. Th., (Rome)
Spiritual Theology, Introduction to Philosophy 2009
12 Rev. Fr. Dr. Ignatius Ohajuobodo Oko Awgu 1993 B. Phil., (Rome)
B. Th., (Rome)
M. A and Ph.D in New Testament Biblical and Exegesis (Bonn)
New Testament Biblical and Exegesis 2011
13 Rev. Fr. Dr. Basil Okeke Enugu 02/07/1994 B. Phil., (Rome)
B. Th., (Rome)
M. A Sacred Music, Licentiate and Ph.D Liturgy, PhD in Musicology, (Rome)

Sacred Music

14 Rev. Msgr. Dr. Anthony Eze Nsukka 8/7/78 B. Phil., (Rome)
B. Th., (Rome) B.A Psychology M. A. Counseling Psych., (USA) Ph.D in Clin. Psych., (USA) Certificate in Spiritual Direction
Human Development,  Pastoral Counseling, Introduction to Psychology, &
Psychology of Religion.
15 Rev. Fr. Thaddeus Asogwa Nsukka 2006 B. Phil., (Rome)
B. Th., (Rome)
Introduction to Epistemology 2017
16 Rev. Fr. Dr. Humphrey Ani Enugu 2002 B. Phil., (Rome)
B. Th., (Rome)Licentiate and Ph.D in Philosophy, (Rome)


17 Rev. Fr. Hyginus Mba Enugu 3/7/2010 B. Phil., (Rome)
B. Th., (Rome
Spiritual Theology 2014
18 Rev. Fr. Dr. Damian Udechukwu Enugu 02/08/1997 B. Phil., (Rome)
B. Th., (Rome)PGDE (Esut) Enugu
Church History, Old Testament Exegesis 2012
19 Rev. Fr. Dr. Raphael Egwu Awgu 1984 B. Phil., (Rome)
B. Th., (Rome)Ph.D Theology (Bonn)
Spiritual Theology, Spirituality of the Middle Ages,

Biblical Spirituality



1 Most Rev. Ernest Obodo Rector
2 Rev Fr. Afam Malunze Financial Administrator
3 Rev. Fr. Remigius Ibudialo Administrative Dean
4 Rev. Fr. Paul Ede Liturgist
5 Rev. Fr. Lazarus Alor Project Manager
6 Rev. Fr. Dr. Theophilus Anyanwu Spiritual Director
7 Rev. Fr. Michael Ngwu Spiritual Director


21 Rev. Fr. Prof. Nicholas Akwanya Use of English Language/ Pedagogy
22 Rev. Fr. Prof. Christian Anieke English Language
23 Rev. Fr. Dr. Onyedikachukwu Amaegwu, CMF Missiology & Islam
24 Rev. Fr. Dr. Ambrose Agu Sacramental Theology
25 Rev. Fr. Dr. Cosmas C. Uzowulu, OFM Cap Sacred Scripture & Biblical Greek
26 Rev. Fr. Dr. Benjamin Eze Pastoral Theology
27 Rev. Fr. Dr. Eugene Odoh Fundamental Theology, Dogmatic Theology, Homiletics, & Pentecostalism
28 Rev. Fr. Dr. Michael Chime Canon Law & Law
29 Rev. Fr. Dr. Ignatius Okuta Moral Theology & Catholic Social Teaching
30 Rev. Fr. Dr. Ikechukwu Ani German Language
31 Rev. Fr. Dr. Hyginus Aghaulor Intro. to Computer Science
32 Rev. Fr. Prof. E. O. Ezike Law of Contract
33 Rev. Fr. Dr. Cajethan Iyidobi Patrology
34 Rev. Fr. Dr. Longinus Chinagorom Igbo Language
35 Rev. Fr. Dr. Emeka Onwuama Ethics
36 Rev. Fr. Dr. Ernest Obodo Canon Law Practical & English Language
37 Rev. Fr. Dr. Joseph Ezechi African Traditional Religion
38 Rev. Fr. Michael Okata Philosophy of Mind, Apostolic Vocation, Growth of Spiritual Life
39 Rev. Fr. M. Igwe Philosophical Anthropology, Social and Political Philosophy
40 Sr. Dr. Sylvia Nwachukwu, DDL Sacred Scripture
41 Sr. Dr. P. Egbekpalu Philosophy of Mind
42 Sr. Tobenna Joy Jacob Reproductive Health
43 Prof. J. C. Agbakoba Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Development
44 Prof. Barr. Dr. Emmanuel Ome Recent Modern Philosophy, Aesthetics
45 Barr. Fabian Agudosy Intro. To African Philosophy, Sociology of Religion & Symbolic Logic
46 Barr. Mrs. C. Ahamba French
47 Dr. Anthony Ojimba Metaphysics, Intro. to Philosophy, Philosophy of History
48 Mr. R. Okonkwo Introduction to Accounting & Introduction to Business Administration.
49 Mr. Boniface Ikono Ancient Philosophy, Introduction to Metaphysics & Philosophy of Nature
50 Mr. Joseph Odibo Applied Ethics, Phenomenology, Existentialism and Hermeneutics, Philosophy of Language, Soc. & Pol. Thoughts
51 Mr. Gerald Okechukwu Psychology of Religion, Exp. Psychology
52 Mr. Matthias Chukwu English Language
53 Mr. Justin Anyarogbu Sociology
54 Mr. Samuel O. Uzor Philosophy of Development, Introduction to African Philosophy
55 Mr. Stanley Igweshi Science, Ind. & Mankind
56 Mr. Chidi Iwuchukwu Topics in Methodology, Metaphysical Study of Man
57 Mr. Kelvin Eze Agriculture
58 Mrs. Nnenna G. Ezeh English Language