St. Mary’s Bigard Primary School

In recognition of the school system as a primary means of evangelization the seminary redoubled its effort towards reclaiming the primary school forcefully taken over from the Church by the government after the civil war. This effort reached its fruition in 1992 when the government handed over the school to the Bigard authorities. In the year 2000, the foundation for the new classroom block was laid by the then Rector Very Rev Fr. Dr. Valerian Okeke. But work was stalled for many years due to lack of fund. Thus for almost two decades, apart from some skeletal works here and there not much could be achieved.

However, major boost was recorded when in 2015 Governor Peter Obi donated the sum of N1million during his visit to the primary school. This served as a catalyst that helped the present Rector Very Rev. Fr. Dr. Albert Ikpenwa to attract more than N20million from other donors that enabled the seminary complete, paint, furnish and equip the ground floor of the new school block. Playground construction was done in 2017.

It is worthy of note that in 2015 the school management started the nursery and daycare units as part of expansion project. Today we have nursery 1 to 3 and primary 1 to 6. At present the school has 20 Teachers and 307 Pupils.

Before 2017, the school had one main old classroom block without partitions, but now it boasts of a new befitting classroom block that is partitioned according to classes made possible by the present Rector Very Rev. Fr. Albert lkpenwa