Bigard Poultry Farm

In the year 1962, some of the domestic workers residing in Bigard compound started a business venture of rearing birds both broilers and layers. It was just a private business of some domestic workers. it started in a very small scale and was situated at the present day domestic building precisely the one behind St. Peters hostel which was beside the laundry section as of that time.

Later on as a means to help the workers who had em barked on such business, the Rector as of that time now late, Rt. Most Rev. A. K. Obiefuna had to offer financial assistance to boost their ingenuity. It was a success recorded.

Gradually on a second thought the workers decided to leave it for the seminary to be solely in charge. The Seminarians were taking it in turns as their function, doing all the necessary works needed to be done on it everyday. But as time went on, war broke up precisely the Nigerian civil war. 50 everybody had to run for safety.

After the civil war the poultry was relocated to its present site (besides St. Mary father’s house) which was said to be initially the hostels for the students before the war started and this hostel was built in the year 1972.

With its relocation and starting on a new phase, domestic workers were employed to see to its smooth running with dedication and zeal. The first domestic workers to be employed are Awuzie and Alloy.

So from its commencement till now, there had been so many tremendous changes and developments. Starting from about small scale business being done in a small house to a large one with about 2000 plus layers and from time to time broilers are also sold.

As it stands now, the poultry farm has about 5 domestic workers on duty and about 7 seminarians doing their functions there. It has about 6 houses though 5 houses inhabit layers. One of the two brooding houses was built in the year 2010 by Eze Dennis who is now a priest. It also has 2 stores and 1 feed mill house.