The seminary family led by the ebullient and efficient Rector and a pro-lifer Very Rev. Fr. Dr. Albert Ikpenwa had her Biannual Pro-life convention beginning from the 7th day of May 2021 to the 9th day of May 2021.
This convention which is annually done is always in support of the reverence and respect for human life while aiming to combat the incessant disrespect towards life mostly made manifest in the contemporary cry for abortion, euthanasia, IVF, etc.
This year’s convention was a remarkable one as it aims at creating awareness and proffering solutions to the incessant and ever increasing incidents of rape in the society especially the Nigerian society and the growth in fame of the notorious group LGBTQ. Thus, the entire seminary family gathered to air their views as well as receive maximum sensitization on the type of society which the world is turning into; a world popularly clamoring for pro-choice.
In this manner, the pro-life convention was kicked-off with a round table discussion moderated by Bar. Chizoba Nnagbuo and centered on: rape: its cause, effects and challenges it posits in the society. In the discussions, seminarians from St. Joseph Seminary Ikot Ekpene, Pope John Paul II major Seminary OKpuno, Spiritan School of philosophy and theology of Isienu and Atakwu respectively, Seat of Wisdom Seminary Owerre all aired their view while condemning the act of rape and pointing out that rape can destroy the life of a victim psychologically.
The next day being the 8th of May 2021, was more of an enlightening workshop on the growing in fame of the community called the LGBTQ community. The rector after having welcomed all present enjoined on all to see the need in standing up on our feet, to defend human life and to sustain the culture of life and preserve human life as stated in the pro-life anthem. For him, our world is gradually changing and the community we shall meet in the future will not be the one they met during their own time. However, we should try always to remain firm and not be blown away by the trend of liberalism and pro-choice activists who operate under the Umbrella of LGBT.
The seminar paper was delivered by Rev. Fr Elochukwu Hilary Anaelom who spoke on the topic “LGBTQ and the Question of Hoistic Development of Human Life, Issues and Perspectives”. For him then, away from the biological connection and relation to such things as gay, trans-gender etc., the world today is tilting towards a trend that is dangerous to the society where pro-choicers are clamouring for more freedom. However, there is always responsibility associated with freedom and as such we all are to be careful in handling cases of such.
In all, Rev. Fr. Dr. George Admike was passionate when speaking to the seminarians about the need to be versatile and have the necessary tools to combat the ever changing world. For him clericalism is a thing of the past. We should be prepare to face a future where there is pressure on all to accept the LGBT community.
The Pro-life weekend continued with an entertaining football encounter between the indomitable lions of Bigard and the papal warriors of PJPS. The match in all its entertaining nature could not produce a winner as the indomitable lions of Bigard battled to savage a point towards third quarter of the games.
The convention eventually ended with a thanks giving mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Dr. Aloysius Obiwulu.