The day 18th October, 2021 was a memorable day for the Bigard family as the Seminary family recorded another success in her battle to overcome the hardships that the Covid19 Pandemic brought. Having stayed for a long period of time under uncertain and fluid time-table, the Seminary had to do without a matriculation ceremony for her 2020/2021 new philosophers. However, this day the 18th day of October brought a huge sigh of relief as the Seminary in conjunction with the management of the University of Ibadan matriculated ninety-seven (97) philosophers.

The matriculation ceremony which started at the early hours of Monday, was graced by the officials of the University of Ibadan most especially the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. A. B. Ekanola highly represented by the Director, Directorate of Affiliated Institution, Prof. M. K. Akinsola, the registrar, Mrs. Olubunmi O. Faluyi, The deputy registrar Mrs. Morenike Afolabi and many others who joined the Rector, formators and lecturers of Bigard Memorial Seminary Enugu to welcome and receive the matriculating students into the University of Ibadan.

The Rector’s welcome address was on a thankful note as he thanked God for granting us all the opportunity to hold this year’s matriculation despite the ups and downs of the Covid19. He also thanked the management of the University of Ibadan for continuously sustaining the cordial relationship that has been existing between the Seminary and their University. He then thanked all the members of the Bigard formation team especially those from the Philosophy Department for ensuring that the students excel academically and become the best of their kind.

Speaking to the matriculating students, the Rector brought to their notice the different abysmal situations ravaging the world especially Nigeria. Such situations ranging from destruction of properties, life-threatening ideologies in both religious and socio-political sphere, agitations for self-determination, political upheavals, etc. are all seeking for solutions. Thus, he advised the students to make sure that their philosophical enquiries go beyond personal academic satisfaction and transcend any form of passionate bias or ideologies that are ready to destroy life.

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. A. B. Ekanola represented by the Director, Directorate of Affiliated Institution, Prof. M. K. Akinsola, was also on the same page as the Rector. However, he started by recognizing the untiring efforts of the Rector led administration of the Seminary in ensuring that they brought the previous academic year to a conclusion without missing a semester, notwithstanding the Corona Virus break. He then went forward to congratulate the matriculating students first of all for justifying their admission by passing their Post UTM Examination and then on their enrolment into the University of Ibadan as philosophy students. He advised them to follow the footsteps of their lecturers as they will certainly guide them to the pinnacles of the academic victory. In all, the matriculation was a huge success. After, the students swore the oath of allegiance and signed the matriculation register.

The ceremony was officially brought to a close by the Vice-Chancellor, University of Ibadan Prof. A. B. Ekanola represented by the director, Directorate of Affiliated Institution, Prof. M. K. Akinsola.