On Wednesday 1st May, 2024 the entire Bigard Memorial Seminary family gathered to celebrate Mass for the happy repose of Prof. Benedict Chukwuemeka Anisiuba who until his death was the chairman of the Bigard Medical Team. The Holy Mass which was in the evening was presided over by the Rector Very Rev. Fr. Dr. Albert Okechukwu Ikpenwa. During the Mass the Vice Rector Rev Fr. Dr. Kevin Udenwagu delivered the homily. In his homily, Fr. Udenwagu shared personal testimonies of the impact of Prof. Anisiuba’s selfless life and medical services in his own family and likewise in the seminary community and beyond. Furthermore Fr. Udenwagu extolled the exemplary life of Prof. Anisiuba who despite the pains he suffered in his moment of sickness still remained cheerful. He called on all present to meditate on the life of Prof. Anisiuba and learn to be selfless, cheerful and hopeful amidst adversities. After the homily the Mass continued as usual. Towards the end of the Mass, the second Vice Rector Rev. Fr. Dr. Kingsley Anagolu invited the Chief infirmarian to read a farewell address to Prof. Anisiuba on behalf of the Bigard Memorial Seminary family. In his address the Chief infirmarian Udoette Michael praised Prof. Anisiuba who joined the Bigard Medical Team at a very early stage when the seminary clinic was just a two room dispensary at St. Peter’s hostel and ever since then had been rendering selfless medical services to our Formators, seminarians, lay staff and equally contributed to the building up of St. Luke’s Clinic to its current magnificent state. He also acknowledged the role Prof. Anisiuba played over the years to help the seminary secure free drugs and medical equipment from numerous donors. Udoette Michael on behalf of the entire Bigard family thanked Prof. Anisiuba for his years of service and implored God to grant him eternal repose in his kingdom.

Next was the address presented by Dr. Valentine Udeorah on behalf of the Bigard Medical Team. Dr. Udeorah praised the selfless and dedicated spirit of Prof Anisiuba whom he said always made out time to drive all the way from University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH) Ituku to consult with seminarians every Thursday even after having had a long day of work at UNTH. He also noted that Prof. Anisiuba was a good man who sacrificed his time and talent to bring health and comfort to the sick especially those who had difficult cases. After his address, a member of Prof. Anisiuba’s family came forward to thank the seminary and all present for the support given to the family during the moments of trial. He further invited all present to the burial of Prof. Anisiuba slated for 24th May, 2024 at Oraukwu. Next was a group photograph session of Prof. Anisiuba’s immediate family with the seminary formators taken before the altar. After the Mass, the immediate family members of Prof. Anisiuba were invited to have dinner with the Formators of Bigard Memorial Seminary Enugu and with this the event came to an end.

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