Bigard Marks the Grand Finale of Her 2019 Inter House Sports Fiesta

The 2019 Bigard Inter-House Sports competition which started on Thursday, March 7, 2019 was rounded-off today, Wednesday, April 3, 2019. The opening ceremony started at 15:36 hours with an Opening Prayer by the Rector, Very Rev. Fr. Dr. Albert Ikpenwa. Coming after the prayers was an Opening Remark by the Seminary’s Games Director, Fr. Dr. Kelvin Udenwagu. In his brief remarks, he thanked the Rector for his support and fatherly understanding since the start of the Games. Enjoining the participants to be fair enough as they embark on the final rounds of the competition,he ended by inviting the Rector to officially lead in the kick-off of the final match.

The football match between the contending houses – Saint Anthony of Padua and Saint Vincent de Paul – commenced at 15:40 hours. The match which was fiercely contested ended in a 1:1 draw. Following the decision of the officiating team, there was penalty shoot-outs to determine the winner of the competition. At the end, the penalty ended 4:2 in favour of St Anthony’s House.

Addressing the rejoicing members of St Anthony’s House, the rest of the seminarians, and the guests who had already gathered around the Seminary FIFA Podium was the Seminary’s Games Director, Fr Dr. Kelvin Udenwagu. With the football match that just ended, he said, the 2019 Sports Fiesta is coming to a glorious end.  He reiterated what he did tell the seminarians at the opening session of the tournament. The essence of the tournament, he said, is not to win trophies but to beef up the social and human dimensions of our formations here in Bigard. He disclosed that the trophies which would be awarded are just for the ‘ball games’ and the overall winner. Every other participant would receive a medal to indicate that we all participated in this year’s tournament. And so, it is not about which house would carry the day but about the brotherly spirit with which each house participated. He thanked the Father Formators for being so supportive in the course of the whole events.

Before the presentation of the trophies and medals, there was an official decoration of the Fr. Rector and Chief Host, Rev Fr. Dr. Albert Ikpenwa with a special medal. After the decoration, the Rector, in turn, decorated the Games Director. With the ritual concluded, a switch was immediately made to the presentation of trophies and awards to individuals and houses that distinguished themselves in the course of the competition.

A total of 36 medals were won: 12 Gold Medals, 12 Silver Medals, and 12 Bronze Medals: St Mark’s House emerged Victor Ludorum with 3 Gold Medals and I Silver Medal; St Gregory’s House claimed the First Runners-Up with the total of 2 Gold Medals, 3 Silver Medals, and I Bronze Medal; St Francis’ House clinched Second Runners-Up with 2 Gold Medals, I Silver Medal, and1 Bronze Medal. The table below shows how the medals were claimed across Houses:

S/no Name of Houses No of Gold Medal(s) No of silver Medal(s) No of Bronze Medal(s)
1 St Mark 03 01
2 St Gregory 02 03 01
3 St Francis 02 01 01
4 St Anthony 02 01
5 Queen of Apostles 01 02 03
6 St Simon 01 01 01
7 St john-Paul II 01 01
8 Emmanuel 01 01
9 St Vincent 01
10 St Mary 02 03

There was also a special session where seminarians who stood out in the different events – field and track – were officially recognized and consequently decorated with medals. At the end, the Games Director gave a closing remark and Vote of Thanks. The ceremony was officially brought to a conclusive end with a closing prayer by the Pater Familias, Very Rev. Fr. Dr Albert Ikpenwa at 17:49 hours..