Bigard holds her Colloquium for the 2016/2017 Academic and Formation Year

As a long-term tradition of Bigard Memorial Seminary, Enugu, the seminary on Friday, 7th October 2016, organized her annual colloquium, which serves as a take-off ground for a new session, following the 2016/2017 academic and formation year which began on Wednesday 5th October, 2016. The colloquium is always a one day activity with the sole aim of deliberating on some aspects of the seminary formation in order to determine the way forward.

It usually comes in two sessions – the morning session and the evening session. This year’s colloquium has the theme; THE SEMINARY AS A COMMUNION OF PERSONS. Click here to read.

This theme was diligently chosen, to enable the seminarians understand the true nature of the seminary. To see the seminary not just as a learning center, or merely an academic institution, but as a community identical to the experiences of the group of twelve who were united to Jesus (Pastores Dabo Vobis No 60). The choice of this exclusive theme was appropriate also to prepare seminarians suitably for the Unum Presbyterium, where love, togetherness, responsibility, sincere fraternity and unity abide.

The morning session began at 8.30am. During this session, the Seminarians assembled according to classes in their different lecture halls with at least two Formators moderating each of the groups. Through the proficient guidance of the moderators, the Seminarians deliberated on the colloquium paper and tendered their own constructive criticisms, suggestions and recommendations.

The evening session took place in the Seminary auditorium at 4pm. During this session, the Formators and Seminarians gathered to listen to the proceedings of the classes’ morning deliberations as collated and presented by their secretaries, and also to synchronize the ideas brought forward by all the groups. This began with an opening prayer led by one of Bigard’s spiritual directors, Rev. Fr. Simon Areji. The presentations by the secretaries followed in this order;

Philosophy one Ezeora Michael
Philosophy two  Ezeugwu Daniel
Philosophy three  Udondata Leo
Philosophy four  Okolo Henry
Theology one  Oketa Joseph
Theology two  Nkamuke Casmir
Theology three  Clement Ability
Theology four  Ike Michael

After the presentations, the moderator of the day, Mr. Ofodile Ambrose allowed some moments for questions and contributions from the general body. This session saw many seminarians and priests putting up salient questions and providing suitable answers and solutions.

One Striking resolution made during the session is a need to completely eliminate the malady of sectionalism and diocesanism from amongst seminarians, and wholly embrace the good value of communal living.

Finally, the Rector, Very Rev. Fr. Dr. Albert Ikpenwa in his remarks, tendered his satisfaction for the contributions and comportment of all, and advised everyone to see the seminary as a family. The session was brought to a close with a closing prayer by one of Bigard’s spiritual directors, Rev. Fr. Johnbosco Okoye.

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