Bigard holds her Colloquium for the 2015/2016 Academic/Formation Session

One of the hallmarks of Bigard Memorial Seminary, Enugu is her tenacious reverence of her traditions. This is evident in her annual organization of a colloquium at the beginning of every academic/formation year. The colloquium is always a one day activity with the sole aim of deliberating on some aspects of the seminary formation in order to determine the way forward.

It usually comes in two sessions – the morning session and the evening session. This year’s colloquium was on the 8th of October 2015 with the theme FORMATION AS TRANSFORMATION. The choice of this theme was to aid the Seminarians interiorize and internalize the priestly values and ideals proposed to them in the course of their seminary formation.

This internalization will engender a positive transformation which will be evident in the lives of the Seminarians even as priests. The morning session began at 8.30am. During this session, the Seminarians gathered according to classes in their different lecture halls with Formators moderating each of the group.

Here the Seminarians through the exquisite direction of their moderators deliberated on the colloquium paper and proffered their own constructive criticisms, suggestions and recommendations. This session was punctuated by a short break at 11am. The break which lasted for 30minutes was an avenue for the participants to refresh themselves.

The evening session took place in the Seminary auditorium at 4pm. During this session, the Formators and Seminarians gathered to listen to the proceedings of the classes’ morning deliberations as collated and presented by their secretaries. This began with an opening prayer by Rev. Fr. Dr. Anthony Eze. The Secretarial presentations followed this order.

Philosophy one – Egwuchukwu, Emmanuel

Philosophy two – Ugorgi, Faith C.

Philosophy three – Uroko, Eric

Philosophy four (a) – Ndukwe, Emmanuel

Philosophy four (b) – Uguru, Philip

Theology one – Ugwueze, Teclus

Theology two – Ogbonna, Desmond

Theology three – Mamah, Felix

Theology four – Armon, Ghesu A.

After the presentations was a remark by the Rector, Very Rev. Fr. Dr. Albert Ikpenwa. The session was brought to a close with a closing prayer by Rev. Fr. Dr. Anthony Eze.

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