Thursday, the 17th day of November, 2022, was indeed a very special day for BigardMemorial Seminary, Enugu, as she received a delegation of the Catholic Women Organization (C. W. O) of the Onitsha Ecclesiastical, province. The high profiled delegation led by Mrs. Juliet Ifesinachi Ani, the president of C. W. O. Enugu diocese was drawn from the dioceses of Enugu, Nsukka, Abakiliki and Awgu.

The Fr. Rector welcomed and thanked them in a most special way, for all they had been doing and are still doing for the seminary. This is made evident in the fact that in spite of the economic and security challenges bedeviling the country at the moment, they still made the effort to visit their children in the seminary. The Rector also encouraged them to keep up the good work and not to relent for their reward shall be great in heaven.

In her response, Mrs. JulietIfesinachi Ani, the president of C. W. O. Enugu diocese and the leader of the delegation, admitted that they considered it as a privilege and a thing of joy to always come to the seminary. She further encouraged the seminarians toremain obedient to the seminary formators and teachers and also to take their studies seriously so as to be better equipped to handle the challenges that they will face in the future. She advised that they should not joke with their spiritual life bearing in mind the words of Christ, that ‘cut off from me, you can do nothing’. They also assured the seminarians of their prayers, while asking them to also keep them in their prayers. This was followed with a formal introduction of themselves and the respective positions occupied in their different dioceses.

On behalf of the seminarians, Mr. Odo Vitus, articulated the seminarians’ sentiments of gratitude to the mothers. He confessed that the seminarians yearn for their yearly visit for it does not only come with improvement in the daily feeding given the goodies that come with the visit but also that it comes with the maternal warmth that seminarians had been missing for some time. He further promised that the seminarians will always continue praying for them.

This was followed by the closing prayer said by the Fr. Rector.