Matriculation ceremony is an important step in the educational journey that marks the beginning of a new chapter for students who are pursuing higher education. It is a necessary and exciting process for students as they embark on their academic journey, and it sets the stage for their success in college or university.

In line with the above, Bigard Memorial Seminary, Enugu, on the 8th of March, 2023, marked the matriculation ceremony of her Philosophy one seminarians. The occasion was attended by both the Staff of Bigard Memorial Seminary and the Staff of the University of Ibadan to which the Department of philosophy of the seminary is affiliated. Some of the University of Ibadan officials present include: the Vice Chancellor, Prof K. O. Adebowale ably represented by Prof. F. Offor, the Director, Directorate of Affiliated Institutions;  Deputy Registrar, Mr O. O. Dada, Head; Department of Philosophy, Prof. A. L. Afolayan and the Affiliation Officer, Mr. O. O. Ajani.

 The event began with a procession of the matriculating students and the staff of both Bigard Memorial Seminary and the University of Ibadan led by the Bigard Fan Club after which there was rendition of Anthems. The opening prayer was said by Rev. Fr. Patrick Malo. After the prayers, the Vice Chancellor ably represented by Prof. F. Offor declared the ceremony open.

 The Fr.  Rector, Very Rev. Fr. Dr. Albert Ikpenwa,  in his Rectoral address welcomed all present especially the team from Ibadan and also the families and friends of the matriculants. Admonishing the matriculating students, he reminded them of the need to take their academic lives very seriously as they have been officially enrolled as students of the philosophy department, University of Ibadan.  Philosophy, according to the Rector, is a very important discipline, as it makes those who study it  true lovers of wisdom bearing in mind that this love for wisdom becomes possible only when the student unites himself to the author of wisdom Himself- God. He further encouraged them to make judicious use of the enabling environment which the seminary offers them to achieve this goal and thus make themselves true disciples of God.

In the Matriculation Address which was presented by the Vice Chancellor, University of Ibadan Prof. K.O. Adebowale ably represented by the Director, Directorate of Affiliate Institutes, Prof. F. Offor, he welcomed all to the 23rd Matriculation ceremony since the seminary’s formal relationship with Nigeria’s premier Univesity, University of Ibadan.

He however reminded the matriculating students that the matriculation ceremony does not only serve to mark their formal admission into  the Bachelor of Arts Degree programme in Philosophy but also to acquaint them with the fundamental principles, norms and culture of the two institutions. This according to him is necessary as it helps the new students to realise and adapt fully to the tenets and culture of excellence, which the two institutions represent. It is the desire of every institution to inculcate through studies, positive virtues and values that would enable the students make invaluable contributions towards human development and growth in the Nigerian society. He says that right thinking and a creative insight which philosophy offers are part of the attributes needed in order to guide the future of the nation especially at this critical time in Nigeria’s history as she conducts the 2023 general elections.

The  Matriculation Oath was conducted by Mr. Dada. After the oath there was a session for musical renditions which was very heartwarming. Finally, the ceremony was brought to a close by the Vice Chancellor represented by Prof. F. Offor (Director, Directorate of Affiliated Institutes). The closing prayer was said by Rev. Fr. Dr. Godwin Orji.