On the 9th day of March 2022, Bigard Memorial Seminary, Enugu celebrated a requiem Mass in honor of one of her Late nurses, Mrs. Nkechi Orji who passed on, on 10th November 2021. This requiem Mass was presided over by the pater familias of the Seminary: Very Rev. Fr. Dr. Albert Ikpenwa in conjunction with other formators present for the last respect to the Seminary’s amiable nurse. During the introduction to the Mass which was also attended by the members of the Bigard Medical Team, seminarians and friends and family of the deceased, the Rector remarked that Mrs. Nkechi was a special woman who dedicated herself to the service of God and humanity especially in her role as nurse in Bigard.

In the homily, Rev Fr. Dr. Kevin Udenwagu, expressed that the life of Mrs. Nkechi Orji is a reminder to us that life is an interplay of pleasure and pain. Sometimes we accept only the pleasurable aspect and strive to forgo the pain which most times create more pain. However, pain when borne with good disposition bears good and favourable fruit as exemplified in the gospel which focused on the beatitudes. This according to him is also exemplified so much in the life of Mrs Nkechi Orji who not minding the medical conditions she was forced to live with from childbirth until her death did not despair but continued to strive to do good for humanity especially in her care for the Seminary.

He also said that the second lesson that can be learnt from the life of Nkechi is that “a weeping child belongs to the arms of the mother.” This he says is evident in the life of Mrs Nkechi Orji who despite her medical conditions did not give up but continued believing in God knowing that God is in control of all circumstances. It was this belief that continued to inspire her service to humanity. He commiserated with the family and promised them the continual prayer of the Seminary family for her happy repose.

Towards the end of the Mass, there were tributes in honor of Late Mrs. Nkechi Orji both by the Bigard Memorial Seminary family and by the Bigard Medical Team.

These all bore witness to the great life of sacrifice for which Nurse Nkechi was known. In fact, her commitment to duty makes one to doubt that she suffers great pain in her body. She never stopped laughing and encouraging others around her. Speaking during the presentation of gifts, Prof. Anisiuba remarked that though he had always known Nkechi for more than forty years, the fact of her terminal illness only became known to him at her death. Thus, all who spoke, referenced the fact that Nkechi is a Gospel for those who suffer as she has encouraged all by her life, never to allow difficult situations deter us from doing good.

In the end, gifts were given to the family of Late Mrs. Nkechi Orji, and the family expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the kind gestures of the Seminary both while Nkechi was alive and at her death. They prayed the good Lord to bless the Seminary family abundantly.