2019/2020 Annual Calendar of Events


                                                         OCTOBER, 2019
3      Thursday St. Theresa of the Child Jesus, V.D. (Mem)Seminary Re-opens for the 2019/2020 Academic Year with the reception of the first year Theology/Philosophy Students (October Devotion is on) Staff Meeting
4      Friday St. Francis of Assisi, Rel. (Mem) – Orientation/compound cleaning
5      Saturday Feria/ B.V.M. on Saturday (Opt. Mem) – The Seminary welcomes back the rest of the students for the 2019/2020 Academic Year – Orientation/compound cleaning for the first year Theology/Philosophy students continues. 
6      Sunday 27th Sunday of the Year (C) – RECOLLECTION
7      Monday Our Lady of the Rosary (Mem.)-Colloqium
8      Tuesday Feria – Lectures Begin
9      Wednesday Feria/St. Denis, B.M. & Comp. MM.; St. John Leonard, P. (Opt. Mem) – Lectures
10   Thursday St. Daniel Comboni, B. (Mem.)-Lectures
11   Friday Feria/St. John XXIII, Pp. (Opt. Mem.) – Lectures
12   Saturday Feria/ B.V.M. on Saturday
13   Sunday 28th Sunday of the Year (C)
14   Monday Feria- St. Callistus I Pp. & M. (Opt. Mem)- Repeat Exams for Theology Department (Afternoon)
15   Tuesday St. Teresa of Avila V. D. (Mem.) – Lectures, Repeat Exams for Theology Department (Afternoon)
16   Wednesday Feria– St. Hedwig, R & St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, V. (Opt. Mem).-  Lectures- Repeat Exams for Theology Department (Afternoon)
17   Thursday St. Ignatius of Antioch, B.M. (Mem.)– Lectures, Repeat Exams for Theology Department (Afternoon)
18   Friday St. Luke, Evangelist (Feast) – Lectures, Repeat Exams for Theology Department (Afternoon) – MISSION/PASTORAL WEEKEND BEGINS
19   Saturday Feria/SS John de Brebeuf, Isaac Jogues, Pp. & Comp. MM. (Opt. Mem.); St. Paul of the Cross; B.V.M. on Saturday (Opt. Mem.) MISSION/PASTORAL WEEKEND
20   Sunday 29th Sunday of the Year (C) MISSION SUNDAY –MISSION/PASTORAL   WEEKEND ENDS
21   Monday Feria – Lectures
22   Tuesday St. John Paul II, Pp (Mem.) – Lectures; Meeting of the coordinators of the Alumni Association
23   Wednesday Feria/St. John of Capastrano, P.  (Opt. Mem.) – Lectures
24   Thursday Feria/St. Anthony Mary Claret, B. (Opt. Mem.)– Lectures
25   Friday Feria – Lectures
26   Saturday Feria/ B.V.M. on Saturday (Opt. Mem)
27   Sunday 30th Sunday of the Year (C)


28   Monday SS Simon and Jude APP. (Feast) INAUGURATION OF THE ACADEMIC YEAR
29   Tuesday Feria – Lectures
30   Wednesday Feria Lectures
31   Thursday Feria – Lectures, October Devotion ends with Rosary Procession
                                                     NOVEMBER 2019
1      Friday All Saints (Solemnity) – E.F.D
2      Saturday Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed (All Souls)  – Lectures; Midday Mass: 12.00 noon; Mass at the Cathedral: 4.00pm
3      Sunday 31st Sunday of the Year (C) – RECOLLECTION
4      Monday St. Charles Borromeo, B. (Mem.)–Lectures
5      Tuesday Feria – Lectures
6      Wednesday All Saints of Africa, (Mem.) – Lectures
7      Thursday  Feria– Lectures
8      Friday  Feria – Lectures
9      Saturday Dedication of the Lateran Basilica (Feast)
10   Sunday 32nd Sunday of the Year (C)
11   Monday St. Martin of Tours, B. (Mem)–Lectures
12   Tuesday St. Josaphat, B.M. (Mem.)– Lectures
13   Wednesday FeriaBIGARD @ 95 Paper Presentation  – Centenary Hostel Ground Breaking –  Football Match – Alumni Night
14   Thursday FeriaBIGARD @ 95 Holy Mass – Civic Reception – Awards
15   Friday Feria/ St. Albert the Great B. D. (Opt. Mem) – Lectures
16   Saturday Feria/ St. Margaret of Scotland – B.V.M. on Saturday (Opt. Mem.)
17   Sunday 33rd Sunday of the Year (C)
18   Monday Feria/Dedication of the Basilica of SS Peter & Paul, APP. (Opt. Mem)- Lectures
19   Tuesday Feria – Lectures- VISIT OF PMS NATIONAL DIRECTOR (16:00HRS)
20   Wednesday Feria – Lectures
21   Thursday Presentation of the B.V.M. (Mem.) – Lectures
22   Friday St. Cecilia, V. M. (Mem)– Lectures
23   Saturday  Feria/ St. Clement I, Pp. M. / St. Columbanus Abbot; B.V.M. on Saturday (Opt. Mem.)
24   Sunday 34th Sunday of the Year (C)/Solemnity of Christ the King (E.F.D)
25   Monday Feria/ – St. Catherine of Alexandria, V.,M. (Opt. Mem) – Lectures
26   Tuesday Feria – Lectures
27   Wednesday Feria – Lectures
28   Thursday Feria – Lectures
29   Friday Feria – Lectures
30   Saturday St. Andrew, Ap. (Feast)
                                               DECEMBER, 2019

                                             SEASON OF ADVENT

1      Sunday 1st Sunday of Advent (A)
2      Monday Weekday of Advent/Lectures
3      Tuesday Weekday of Advent/ St. Francis Xavier, P. (Mem) – Lectures
4      Wednesday Weekday of Advent/ St. John Damascene, P. & D. (Opt. Mem.) – Lectures
5      Thursday Weekday of Advent/LecturesPAN AFRICAN CATH. PAST. & THEO. CONGRESS BEGINS
6      Friday Weekday of Advent/Lectures–St. Nicholas (Opt. Mem) – PAN AFRICAN CATH. PAST. & THEO. CONGRESS
7      Saturday St. Ambrose B. D. (Mem) – PAN AFRICAN CATH. PAST.& THEO. CONGRESS
8      Sunday 2nd Sunday of Advent (A) PAN AFRICAN CATH. PAST & THEO. CONGRESS ENDS
9      Monday The Immaculate Conception of the B.V.M. (Solemnity) E.F.D.
10   Tuesday Weekday of AdventLectures
11   Wednesday Weekday of Advent St Damasus 1 Pp (Opt. Mem.)– Lectures
12   Thursday Weekday of Advent/ Our Lady of Guadalupe (Opt. Mem) – Lectures/ Christmas Retreat Begins
13   Friday St. Lucy, V. M. (Mem) – Retreat
14   Saturday St. John of the Cross, P. D. (Mem) – Retreat
15   Sunday 3rd  Sunday of Advent (A)Retreat
16   Monday Weekday of Advent –  Retreat
17   Tuesday  Weekday of AdventChristmas Retreat Ends/Christmas Party/Performance
18   Wednesday Weekday of AdventChristmas Break Begins
19   Thursday Weekday of AdventChristmas Break
20   Friday Weekday of AdventChristmas Break
21   Saturday Weekday of Advent/St. Peter Canisius, P. D. (Opt. Mem)Christmas Break
22   Sunday 4th Sunday of Advent (A)
23   Monday Weekday of Advent – Christmas break
24   Tuesday Weekday of AdventChristmas Break
25   Wednesday The Nativity of the Lord, Solemnity – Christmas Break
26   Thursday St. Stephen, Proto Martyr (Feast) – Christmas Break
27   Friday St. John, Ap. & Evang. (Feast) – Christmas Break
28   Saturday The Holy Innocents MM (Feast) – Christmas Break
29   Sunday Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph (Feast)Christmas Break
30   Monday Christmas Octave (5th day) – Christmas Break
31   Tuesday Christmas Octave (7th day)/ St. Sylvester I Pp. (Opt. Mem) – Christmas Break
                                                    JANUARY, 2020
1      Wednesday Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. New Year Day – Christmas Break
2      Thursday SS. Basil the Great & Gregory Nazianzen BB. & DD. (Mem)– Christmas Break
3      Friday The Most Holy Name of Jesus (Opt. Mem) – Christmas Break
4      Saturday Weekday of Christmastide- End of Christmas Break
5      Sunday Epiphany of the Lord (Solemnity)- RECOLLECTION
6      Monday Weekday of ChristmastideLectures
7      Tuesday St. John Raymond of Penyafort, P. (Opt. Mem.) – Lectures
8      Wednesday Weekday of Christmastide– LecturesNational Seminaries Committee Meeting @ PJP Awka  Begins
9      Thursday Weekday of Christmastide– Lectures
10   Friday Weekday of Christmastide– Lectures/ NAPS WEEKEND Begins
11   Saturday Weekday Of Christmastide

National Seminaries Committee Meeting @ PJP Awka  Ends

12   Sunday Baptism of the Lord (Feast)-END OF CHRISTMAS SEASON-NAPS WEEKEND Ends
13   Monday Feria/ St. Hilary B.D. (Opt. Mem)Lectures
14   Tuesday FeriaLectures
15   Wednesday FeriaLectures
16   Thursday FeriaLectures
17   Friday St. Anthony, Abbot (Mem) – LecturesMATRICULATION (UNIVERSITY OF IBADAN)
18   Saturday Feria/ B.V.M. on Saturday (Opt. Mem)Prayer for Christian Unity Begins
19   Sunday  2nd Sunday of the Year (A)
21   Tuesday  St. Agnes, V. M. (Mem) – Lectures
22   Wednesday St. Vincent, Deacon, M. (Opt. Mem.) – First Semester Lectures End
23   Thursday FeriaRevision
24   Friday St. Francis de Sales B. D. (Mem) – Revision
25   Saturday The Conversion of St. Paul the Apostle (Feast) – Prayer for Christian Unity Ends/ Revision (Formators’ Recollection)
26   Sunday 3rd Sunday of the Year (A)/Revision
27   Monday Feria/ St. Angela Merici, V. (Opt. Mem-  First Semester Examinations Begin 
28   Tuesday St. Thomas Aquinas, P. D. (Mem) –Examinations
29   Wednesday FeriaExaminations
30   Thursday FeriaExaminations
31   Friday St. John Bosco, P. (Mem) – Examinations
                                                 FEBRUARY, 2020
1      Saturday Feria / B.V.M. on Saturday (Opt. Mem)– Examinations
2      Sunday Presentation of the Lord (Feast)
3      Monday Feria/ St. Blaise, B.M; St. Ansgar, B. (Opt. Mem) – Examinations
4      Tuesday FeriaExaminations
5      Wednesday  St. Agatha, V. & M (Mem) – Examinations
6      Thursday  St. Paul Miki and Companions, MM. (Mem) – Examinations
7      Friday FeriaExaminations
8      Saturday Feria/ St. Jerome Emiliani, P. St. Josephine Bakhita, V.; B.V.M. on Saturday (Opt. Mem) – Examinations
9      Sunday 5th Sunday of the Year (A)
10   Monday St. Scholastica, V. (Mem)Examinations
11   Tuesday Feria/ Our Lady of Lourdes (Opt. Mem.)– Examinations
12   Wednesday Feria – Examinations
13   Thursday Feria – Examinations
14   Friday SS Cyril, Monk, and Methodius, B. (Mem.) – Examinations
15   Saturday Feria/ B.V.M. on Saturday (Opt. MemExaminations End
16   Sunday 6th Sunday of the Year (A) –E.F.D
17   Monday Feria/ The Seven Founders of the Servite Order (Opt. Mem ) – Semester Break Begins
18   Tuesday Feria– Break
19   Wednesday Feria– Break
20   Thursday Feria– Break
21   Friday Feria/ St Peter Damian, B. D. (Opt. Mem ) Break
22   Saturday  The Chair of St. Peter, Ap. (Feast) – Break
23   Sunday 7th Sunday of the Year (A)
24   Monday Feria- ANMSFAC at St Joseph Seminary, Ikot-Ekpene Begins
25   Tuesday Feria–Break
                                        SEASON OF LENT BEGINS
26   Wednesday ASH WEDNESDAY (Fast and Abstinence) Break
27   Thursday Thursday after Ash Wednesday Semester Break Ends
28   Friday Friday after Ash Wednesday –ANMSFAC Ends

(Preparations for RECOWA Meeting )

29   Saturday Saturday after Ash Wednesday-Compound Cleaning (Preparations for RECOWA Meeting )
                                                      MARCH, 2020
1      Sunday 1st Sunday of Lent (A) RECOLLECTION 
2      Monday Weekday of LentSecond Semester Lectures

RECOWA Meeting in Bigard Begins

3      Tuesday Weekday of LentLectures
4      Wednesday Feria/ St. Casimir (Opt. Mem) – Lectures
5      Thursday Weekday of LentLectures
6      Friday Solemnity of the Re-Dedication of Bigard Chapel – Lectures (O.F.D.) RECOWA Meeting Ends
7      Saturday Weekday of Lent/ Ss Perpetua & Felicity, MM. (Mem.)
8      Sunday 2ndSunday of Lent (A)
9      Monday Weekday of Lent/ St. Frances of Rome R. (Opt. Mem)- Lectures
10   Tuesday Weekday of LentLectures
11   Wednesday Weekday of LentLectures
12   Thursday Weekday of LentFORMATION WEEKEND BEGINS
13   Friday Weekday of LentFORMATION WEEKEND
14   Saturday Weekday of LentFORMATION WEEKEND
15   Sunday 3rdSunday of Lent (A) – FORMATION WEEKEND ENDS
16   Monday Weekday of LentLectures
17   Tuesday St. Patrick, B. (Secondary Patron of Nigeria) Feast – Lectures
18   Wednesday Weekday of Lent/St. Cyril of Jerusalem, B. D. (Mem)– Lectures
19   Thursday St. Joseph, Husband of Mary (S) – CONVOCATION ROME
20   Friday Weekday of LentLectures
21   Saturday Weekday of Lent
22   Sunday 4thSunday of Lent (A) (Laetare Sunday)
23   Monday Weekday of LentLectures
24   Tuesday Weekday of LentLectures
25   Wednesday The Annunciation of the Lord (S) E.F.D           
26   Thursday Weekday of LentLectures
27   Friday Weekday of LentLectures
28   Saturday Weekday of Lent
29   Sunday 5thSunday of Lent (A)
30   Monday Weekday of LentLectures
31   Tuesday Weekday of LentLectures
                                                      APRIL, 2020
1      Wednesday Weekday of LentLectures
2      Thursday Weekday of Lent Lectures
3      Friday Weekday of LentLectures
4      Saturday Weekday of Lent
5      Sunday PALM/PASSION SUNDAY (A)           
6      Monday Monday of Holy Week – Lectures
7      Tuesday Tuesday of Holy Week – Lectures
8      Wednesday Wednesday of Holy Week – Lectures
                           EASTER TRIDUUM ( 9th – 12th APRIL)
9      Thursday Holy Thursday: Chrism Mass at the Cathedral/Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper
10   Friday Good Friday (Fast and Abstinence)
11   Saturday Holy Saturday (Recollection for Formators)/Mass of the Easter Vigil
12   Sunday EASTER SUNDAY (A) – E.F.D
13   Monday Easter Octave – Easter Break Begins
14   Tuesday Easter OctaveEaster Break
15   Wednesday Easter OctaveEaster Break
16   Thursday Easter OctaveEaster Break
17   Friday Easter OctaveEaster Break
18   Saturday Easter OctaveEaster Break
19   Sunday 2nd Sunday of Easter (A) (Divine Mercy Sunday) – Easter Break                   
20   Monday Weekday of EasterEaster Break
21   Tuesday Weekday of Easter Easter Break
22   Wednesday Weekday of EasterEaster Break
23   Thursday Weekday of EasterEaster Break
24   Friday Weekday of EasterEaster Break
25   Saturday St. Mark, Evangelist – Feast
26   Sunday 3rdSunday of Easter (A)
27   Monday Weekday of Easter – End of Easter Break
28   Tuesday Weekday of EasterLectures
29   Wednesday St. Catherine of Siena V., D. (Mem) – Lectures
30   Thursday Our Lady, Mother of Africa, (Feast) – Lectures
                                                       MAY, 2020
1      Friday St. Joseph the Worker (Mem) – Lectures (May Devotion Begins)
2      Saturday St. Athanasius, B. D. (Mem)
3      Sunday 4thSunday of Easter (GOOD SHEPHERD SUNDAY) (A) RECOLLECTION
4      Monday Weekday of Easter – Lectures
5      Tuesday Weekday of Easter – Lectures
6      Wednesday Weekday of Easter – Lectures

National Seminaries Committee Workshop at Seminary of all Saints Ekpoma Begins

7      Thursday Weekday of Easter – Lectures
8      Friday Weekday of Easter – Lectures- NFCS Weekend Begins
9      Saturday Weekday of Easter/ B.V.M. on Saturday (Opt. Mem.)

National Seminaries Committee Workshop at Seminary of all Saints Ekpoma Ends- NFCS Weekend

10   Sunday 5THSunday of Easter (A)- NFCS Weekend Ends
11   Monday Weekday of Easter – Lectures
12   Tuesday Weekday of Easter/ SS Nereus & Achilleus, MM; St. Pancras, M.(Opt. Mem)– LecturesBishops/Formators Meeting at PJP, Awka
13   Wednesday Weekday of Easter/ Our Lady of Fatima (Opt. Mem.)– Lectures
14   Thursday St. Matthias, Ap. (Feast) – Lectures
15   Friday Weekday of Easter– Lectures
16   Saturday Weekday of Easter/ B.V.M. on Saturday (Opt. Mem.)
17   Sunday 6thSunday of Easter (A)
18   Monday Weekday of Easter/ St. John I, Pp. & M. (Opt. Mem) – LecturesB. A Exams Begin
19   Tuesday Weekday of EasterLectures
20   Wednesday Weekday of Easter/ St. Bernadine of Siena, P., (Opt Mem) –
21   Thursday Ascension of the Lord, Solemnity, (E.F.D)
22   Friday Weekday of Easter/St. Rita of Cascia, R. (Opt. Mem) – Lectures
23   Saturday Weekday of Easter/ B.V.M. on Saturday (Opt. Mem.)
24   Sunday 7THSunday of Easter (A)
25   Monday Weekday of Easter– St. Bede De Venerable, P & D; St. Gregory VII, Pp & St. Mary Magdalene de Pazzi, V (Opt. Mem)- Lectures End (For those not taking B.A.)
26   Tuesday St. Philip Neri, P. (Mem) – Revision Begins
27   Wednesday Weekday of EasterRevision
28   Thursday Weekday of EasterRevision
29   Friday Weekday of Easter – Revision Ends
30   Saturday Weekday of Easter- Examinations Begin
31   Sunday PENTECOST SUNDAY (S) – E.F.D; ORDINARY TIME BEGINS (May Devotion Ends with Rosary Procession)
                                                         JUNE, 2020
1      Monday Mary, Mother of the Church, (Mem) – Examinations (B.Phil & B.Th Examinations)
2      Tuesday Feria/ SS Marcellinus & Peter, M. – Examinations
3      Wednesday SS Charles Lwanga & Companions, M.M. (Mem) – Examinations
4      Thursday FeriaExaminations
5      Friday St. Boniface, B. M. (Mem)– Examinations
6      Saturday Feria/ B.V.M. on Saturday / St. Norbert, B (Opt. Mem) – Examinations
7      Sunday The Most Holy Trinity (S)
8      Monday   FeriaExaminations
9      Tuesday  Feria/ St. Ephraem, Deacon & D. (Opt. Mem)– Examinations
10   Wednesday  Feria – Examinations
11   Thursday  St. Barnabas, Ap. Feast – Examinations
12   Friday FeriaExaminations
13   Saturday St. Anthony of Padua, P.D. (Mem) – Examinations
14   Sunday Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi) E.F.D
15   Monday FeriaExaminations
16   Tuesday FeriaExaminations
17   Wednesday FeriaExaminations
18   Thursday FeriaExaminations End
19   Friday Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus– E.F.D
20   Saturday Immaculate Heart of Mary (Mem.)- Annual Retreat Begins
21   Sunday 12th Sunday of the Year (A) – Annual Retreat
22   Monday Feria/ St. Paulinus of Nola, B; SS John Fisher, B & Thomas More, MM. (Opt. Mem) – Annual Retreat
23   Tuesday Feria– Annual Retreat
24   Wednesday The Birth of St. John the Baptist (S) – Annual Retreat
25   Thursday Feria Annual Retreat
26   Friday FeriaAnnual Retreat Ends/Compound Cleaning/House Send-Forth
27   Saturday Feria/B.V.M. on Saturday / St. Cyril of Alexandria, B. D. (Opt. Mem) – Compound Cleaning/Diocesan Send-Forth
28   Sunday 13th Sunday of the Year (A) – General Send-Forth/Theatre Night
29   Monday SS. Peter and Paul, APP. (S) – E.F.D
30   Tuesday Feria/ The first Martyrs of the See of Rome  (Opt. Mem)– LONG VACATION BEGINS